OSSA's mission statement
Our Mission
The mission of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association is to promote, protect, preserve, enhance and support the office of Sheriff as conservator of the peace in providing public safety services to the citizens of Oregon.

What Oregon Sheriffs Do:
  • Respond to citizens in need
  • Enforce Oregon's laws
  • Operate County Jails
  • Process, Serve and Enforce Judicial Civil Notice and Orders
  • Investigate Crime
  • Manage 18 of Oregon's Parole and Probation Offices
  • Provide Search and Rescue Services
  • Provide Court Security
  • Administer Oregon Concealed Handgun Licensing Program
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OSSA’s Financial Reports are available for review upon contacting OSSA at 503-364-4204.


OSSA Conference 2014

John bishop
Curry County Sheriff John Bishop retires to become OSSA Executive Director

On September 30, 2014, Curry County Sheriff John Bishop will retire to take the role of Executive Director for the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association. Read more.

Message from OSSA Executive Director,
Curry County Sheriff John Bishop

September, 2014 -- This is my first message as Executive Director for the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association. First, I would like to thank Darrell Fuller who has served as our General Manager for the last 16+ months and continues to be our lobbyist at the Capitol. Read more.

Gary Bettencourt
Message from OSSA President,
Gilliam County Sheriff Gary Bettencourt

July, 2014 -- I am staying in the fight and refuse to give up! You hear it every day, “It is going to be legalized anyway, why not benefit financially from it” or “It’s only a matter of time, so why fight it.” If we simply take the common sense approach, then this should be enough for us all to vote against the legalization of marijuana. Read more.

Brian Wolfe
Featured Sheriff
Sheriff Brian Wolfe, Malheur County

Sheriff Brian Wolfe was born and raised in Vale, Oregon. He was the first child in a family of five. Sheriff Wolfe had a predisposition for the outdoors and from a young age, came to love the wide open spaces of Eastern Oregon. Like something out of an old western, he roamed Malheur County on the back of a horse. He also takes a more modern approach on motorcycles, ATV’s, and trucks. Read more.

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