OSSA's mission statement
Our Mission
The mission of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association is to promote, protect, preserve, enhance and support the office of Sheriff as conservator of the peace in providing public safety services to the citizens of Oregon.

What Oregon Sheriffs Do:
  • Respond to citizens in need
  • Enforce Oregon's laws
  • Operate County Jails
  • Process, Serve and Enforce Judicial Civil Notice and Orders
  • Investigate Crime
  • Manage 18 of Oregon's Parole and Probation Offices
  • Provide Search and Rescue Services
  • Provide Court Security
  • Administer Oregon Concealed Handgun Licensing Program
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Jason Myers
Message from OSSA President,
Marion County Sheriff Jason Myers

April, 2015 -- I’d like to begin by thanking our outgoing President, Gilliam County Sheriff Gary Bettencourt, for his leadership and efforts to advance the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association over the course of 2014. As the incoming President, I’m prepared for the challenge and look forward to working with our elected officers, my fellow sheriffs and our executive director. Our association is on track to do some great things in 2015, with a goal of fulfilling its mission to strengthen the office of sheriff and enhance public safety in our communities across this great state. Read more.

John Bishop
Message from OSSA Executive Director,
Retired Curry County Sheriff John Bishop

December, 2014 -- This is my first letter as the new Executive Director for the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association. It has been a very busy fall. I jumped in with both feet on October 1st, and we haven’t looked back. The first priority was to get the Sheriffs Annual Conference in Bend planned and organized. The staff and I spent many long days getting all of the vendors, speakers, and logistics coordinated. I am happy to report that with a lot of help from the staff and Deschutes County, we had one of the best conferences ever. During the conference, numerous items were covered regarding issues that occurred in 2014 and what the future will bring; awards were given to deputies, support staff, and Sheriffs for extraordinary work in 2014. More on this later on in this issue. Read more.

Larry Blanton
Sheriff of the Year
Sheriff Larry Blanton, Deschutes County

The recipient of this award is selected by the OSSA Awards Committee, based upon their assessment of the participation and contributions made by member Sheriffs toward our objectives and efforts in the current year. This award signifies exemplary service, beyond merely committee chairmanship, for example. It is not mandatory that this award be issued every year, if in the view of the nominating committee it is not clearly justified. Read more.

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