Elijah Dunnavant is considered a superhero at Greenhill Humane Society, a non-profit organization in Oregon’s Lane County. His volunteer hero-job helps to make the animals adoptable and brightens the day for kids and adults when they see him dressed in his superman suit.


Mark Garton, Polk County Sheriff and Volunteer Soccer Coach, made the choice to live and work where he has always lived. His explanation tells the story, “ I don’t want to go anywhere else. This is where I want to be. This is my community.”

"Sheriffs rely on vision acuity for everything from split second decision-making to prolonged computer work," said Jason Myers, Executive Director, OSSA. "But receiving regular comprehensive eye exams, regardless of vision acuity, can help detect serious eye and other potentially serious health problems at the earliest stage -when they are the most treatable."

2020 Eye Exam

I am a law enforcement professional
and want to join OSSA.

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