The Oregon State Sheriffs' Association was formed in 1916 to give Oregon sheriffs a single and effective voice. Oregon's 36 elected sheriffs and their staff strive to improve citizen and community safety on a daily basis.

Oregon's sheriffs are committed to the work of OSSA and strive to enhance criminal justice professionalism, improve law enforcement techniques and technology, and endeavor to collaboratively enhance community safety with their local, state, and federal law enforcement partners. The Oregon State Sheriffs' Association is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization.


The Oregon sheriffs and the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association have six major goals which they are constantly striving to attain:

  1. Keeping up with police science and technology to provide appropriate educational programs for law enforcement personnel and the general public.
  2. Maintaining the role of sheriff as the chief law enforcement officer in the county.
  3. Developing and maintaining a public image that will permit the citizens to have confidence in the sheriff’s ability to meet modern police problems.
  4. Working together to solve the problems of all Oregon sheriffs and meet the challenges collectively.
  5. Provide scholarships to qualified Oregon high school seniors or current college students who intend to pursue an education with a career in a law enforcement field of study.
  6. Provide a historical museum of Oregon sheriffs memorabilia.


The Oregon State Sheriffs' Association provides training opportunities and other programs that help enhance the professionalism and ethics of individuals who make up our sheriff's offices in our state.



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