OSSA Programs

The Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association participates and hosts a variety of programs to provide both law enforcement and public education:


  • Annual Conference and Awards Banquet
  • Civil Process Manual Publication (with order information)
  • Civil Training
  • College Scholarships Awarded
  • Command College
  • Court Security Training
  • Deputy Sheriff Academy
  • Enforcement (Patrol and Investigations) Training
  • Jail Inspector Certification
  • Jail Inspection Program
  • Jail Management Training
  • Livestock Investigation School
  • Museum Displays
  • New Sheriff Institute
  • Quarterly Oregon Sheriff Magazine
  • Search and Rescue Training


  • Asset Forfeiture Oversight Committee
  • Community Corrections Interstate Compact Council
  • Dept. of Public Safety Standards and Training
  • Board of Public Safety and Training
  • Corrections Curriculum Advisory Committee
  • Corrections Policy Committee
  • Police Policy Committee
  • Telecommunications Advisory Committee
  • DMV/LE Coordination Committee
  • DOC Population Advisory Committee
  • FBI CJ Information Services Advisory Policy Committee
  • Law Enforcement Data Systems
  • Governor’s Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission
  • Governor’s Advisory. Board on Community Corrections
  • Governor’s Advisory. Board on DUII
  • Governor’s Reentry Council
  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Advisory Committee
  • LE Contacts Policy and Data Review Committee
  • LE Medal of Honor Committee
  • 911 Advisory Board (APCO)
  • Oregon Accreditation Alliance
  • Oregon Community Corrections Commission
  • Oregon Criminal Justice Council
  • Oregon Emergency Management
  • Oregon Marine Board
  • Oregon Association of Mounted Posse
  • Oregon State Hospital Task Force
  • Police Memorial Trust Fund
  • Seismic Rehabilitation Committee
  • State Interoperability Executive Committee
  • Violence Against Women Advisory Board


Your support provides the means for OSSA to continue supporting Oregon's 36 sheriffs and their offices through leadership development, training, and more.
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