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Wasco County

Sheriff Lane Magill

Wasco County Sheriff's Office

511 Washington St
The Dalles, OR 97058

tel: 541-506-2580
fax: 541-506-2581

About Sheriff Magill

Sheriff Magill was appointed and took office on May 1, 2016, when Sheriff Rick Eiesland retired.

Lane Magill grew up on a wheat and cattle ranch in Wamic, Oregon.  He attended the Wamic grade school and then moved to Dufur and attended the Dufur High School.  Shortly after graduating from high school, Lane married Sheri, and they have two daughters.

Lane began his law enforcement career as a Wasco County Sheriff’s Reserve in late 2000, and January 1st, 2002 was fully employed by the sheriff’s office.  He began his career in the patrol division and the second year of employment he was assigned to the investigations division.  In 2009 he was promoted to Patrol Sgt. and in 2010 he was promoted to Chief Deputy.

During his law enforcement career he has served as the Wasco County Mounted Posse Coordinator, 911 advisor, Domestic Violence Council member, LPSCC member, Mid-Columbia Law Enforcement Association member, Emergency Operations Center Supervisor, and Sheriff’s Office Work Crew Coordinator.

Lane enjoys outdoor activities with fly fishing at the top of his list of favorites, and spending time with his family and grandkids.  He is also a sitting board member with Outdoor Adventures with Military Heroes, an organization that supports local veterans involving hunting and fishing.

About the Wasco County Sheriff's Office


Winter, 2016 – As noted in my previous article, the Sheriff’s Office would be reaching out to our citizens to explain our Community Policing model. We have scheduled our first “Town Hall” meeting with the citizens of Maupin and sur­rounding areas November 10th. We will be discussing current events the Sheriff’s Office is involved in, along with our new strategic plan, marijuana laws, legislative issues, perceptions about law enforcement and community polic­ing/procedural justice. I will have an update in our next article telling about what we all learned from this experience.

In other news, Deputy Matt Tuia returned from the Department of Public Safety Stan­dards and Training Academy and is working with his Field Training Officer, making prog­ress on his way to being solo. Matt was em­ployed with NORCOR for 12 years and brings great experience to the Sheriff’s Office. Also, Deputy Steen has returned home after being deployed overseas for the last ten months with the U.S. Army. We are pleased to have him home safe and sound! Deputy Steen will be reintegrated with the Patrol Division and working with a Field Training Officer and the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training to bring him up to speed.

One final note, as winter approaches we want to let our citizens know to be prepared during the busy holiday season. When traveling, make sure you have plenty of supplies to make it in case you’re stranded. If you have two cell phones with you, make sure one is turned off in case you need it when the first phone battery dies.

Finally, get to know your neighbors. When the bad weather hits, sometimes neighbors can’t get out to do the grocery shopping, pur­chase medications, or even sweep the snow off the walkway. Maybe they have health issues, and family members can’t get to them. By being neighborly and being informed, we can assist each other in a time of need. Oh and by the way, if you need us to check on your neighbor don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe.

Message from the OSSA President

washington-pat-garrettAs the newly elected president, I am honored to represent all 36 Oregon sheriffs.

The sheriff has historically been the chief executive officer of the county, and this is still true under Oregon law. Elected by you and answering directly to the voters, your sheriff can be an effective voice of the people in the serious work of protecting the community. OSSA enables us to work together to serve you best.

By way of introduction, I am in my second term as the Washington County Sheriff, where deputies serve over a half million residents across 727 square miles of rural areas, urban communities, and cities. Our deputies also operate the only county jail. While Oregon counties are diverse in terms of climate, population, and economic drivers, your sheriffs work together to solve problems and challenges that we have in common.

The sheriffs of America have always played a significant role in the history of our nation; in fact, the office of Sheriff was the first county office established in the United States. Also, the first person to read the Declaration of Independence publicly was Philadelphia Sheriff John Nixon in Pennsylvania in 1776.

I look forward to working together to strengthen the office of Sheriff and the communities we proudly serve. Thank you for your continued support of the men and women on shift every day to keep our diverse and proud communities safe.


Pat Garrett
President and Washington County Sheriff.

Jail vs. Prison … What’s the Difference?

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