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Tillamook County

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About Sheriff Jim Horton

Sheriff Jim Horton was born and raised in Tillamook County, graduating from Tillamook High School in 1989. Upon graduation, he worked in the Portland area for a brief period before entering college to become a teacher. He is a third-generation law enforcement officer following his father, Robert Horton, who retired from the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office in 2003 and his grandfather, Jim Hodson, who was a member of the Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy program in the early 1970’s.

Jim began his career in law enforcement in 1997 when he joined the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy program after graduating from Western Oregon University. While in the Reserve Deputy program, he gained valuable experience in each division of the Office.

Upon completing the Reserve Deputy Academy with TCSO, he was hired full-time with Tillamook County six months later as a parole and probation deputy in 1998. Horton spent six years in the Community Corrections Division of the Sheriff’s Office as a parole and probation officer. He supervised high-risk correctional offenders and served as a field training officer. Horton also participated in a number of committees and organizations such as the Tillamook County Victims Impact Panel, the South Fork Forest Camp Advisory Committee, the DOC Sex Offender Supervision Network, and the Tillamook County Domestic Violence Council.

In 2005, he transferred to the Criminal Division where he was assigned to a number of patrol assignments including the Sandlake Recreation Area, General Patrol, Search and Rescue, and Forest Patrol. He also served as a member of the Tillamook County Tactical Response Team and as a field training officer.

In 2009, Horton was promoted to the rank of Detective and served as a Narcotics investigator and Child Abuse (CAMI) Detective. Sheriff Horton was also a member of the Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association, a DEA special agent on a federal narcotics investigation,and an aerial marijuana spotter on Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) investigations. Horton participated in hundreds of narcotics and child abuse investigations, special investigations with other agencies, and was the lead investigator on multiple homicide cases.

Horton, promoted to Detective Sergeant in 2015, led both the Tillamook Major Crimes Team and the Tillamook Narcotics Team. During his tenure as the Detective Division commander, the Tillamook Narcotics Team seized a record number of illicit narcotics, drug proceeds, and stolen property along with having a record number of criminal arrests. He was also assigned as the team leader of the Sheriff’s Office Tactical Response Team.

Jim Horton, then promoted to Lieutenant, was assigned as the Criminal Division Commander in 2016. It is a division that is responsible for a number of patrol functions and search and rescue operations. During this time, Horton continued to manage several grants and expanded cooperative patrol agreements with agencies as well as the cities of Garibaldi and Bay City. Horton successfully recruited several certified police officers to work for Tillamook County to fill vacant Criminal Division positions. He also was instrumental in obtaining funding through a partnership with Tides of Change (formerly known as the Tillamook Women’s Resource Center) to acquire a detective to investigate domestic violence cases. Horton worked closely with the Oregon Department of Justice, local community partners, and Tillamook Family Counseling Center to establish a child abuse assessment center in order to better address the needs of child abuse victims.

Shortly after his promotion to lieutenant, he was assigned to be the Community Corrections Director as a result of an office reorganization. Horton managed both the Criminal Division and the Community Corrections Division as the director. Sheriff Horton continues to work with community partners to increase the number of programs to assist correctional offenders with behavior change and strategies to reduce recidivism.

On August 2, 2019 Jim Horton was sworn in as Tillamook County Sheriff by Honorable Judge Mari Trevino upon the retirement of Sheriff Andy Long )who retired from public service after 28 years with Tillamook County).
Sheriff Horton lives in Tillamook, Oregon with his two children Michael (18) and Charlee (16).