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Learn more about the current 36 elected sheriffs in Oregon and the counties they serve.

Click on a county to highlighted it and see that sheriff's biography along other information.

Jefferson County

(541) 475-6520
(541) 475-3847
675 NW Cherry Lane, Madras, OR 97741

Sheriff Jason Pollock

Effective June 20, 2022, Sheriff Jason Pollock was appointed as Sheriff of Jefferson County after winning the primary election on May 17. Sheriff Pollock was appointed by Jefferson County Commissioners after the former sheriff resigned. Sheriff Pollock has been a member of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office since 2011 and has served in the positions of patrol deputy, marine deputy, search and rescue coordinator, detective, corporal and now currently your Sheriff.   

Sheriff Pollock has spent most of his career as a patrol officer working the streets in Jefferson County and began his career in law enforcement in 2003. Sheriff Pollock started as a reserve for the City of Culver and in 2005 he was hired by the Madras Police Department and later moved the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in 2011.   

In 2013, Sheriff Pollock became the Vice-President of the Jefferson County Law Enforcement Association. While in that position he helped negotiate contracts with the County administration. In 2017, Sheriff Pollock become the President of the association, shortly after, Sheriff Pollock took steps to change the legal coverage for all the Jefferson County Association members. 

Sheriff Pollock believes now more than ever; law enforcement agencies need good leaders and good people in positions that understand and support their Officers and Deputies—leaders with a strong backbone who have done the jobs they are supervising and can relate to the challenges of each position. We need leaders who have “been there and done that,” who know how quickly an interaction can go from conversation to confrontation and have the skills to handle those situations and explain them to the public. We need leaders who can support the Officers who have their boots on the ground and ensure those Officers know they are valued and respected, while also assuring the public that issues and concerns will be dealt with promptly, professionally, and transparently. 

When employees know they are appreciated, they will always do more than expected. In law enforcement, this translates to Officers who are willing to go the extra mile and who will not hesitate to do the right thing without fear of unfair reprisal by their agency. When the public knows Officers will be held accountable for misconduct, it builds trust and improves communication throughout the community. Sheriff Pollock believes this is culture for the responsibility and respect that he wants to build for Jefferson County.

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