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Learn more about the current 36 elected sheriffs in Oregon and the counties they serve.

Click on a county to highlighted it and see that sheriff's biography along other information.

Coos County

(541) 396-7800
(541) 396-1025
250 N Baxter Coquille, OR 97423-1897

Sheriff Gabe Fabrizio

Sheriff Gabe Fabrizio took office January 1, 2023. He grew up in Northern California and joined the military immediately after high school in 1993. Gabe spent 20 years in the Army as a Psychological Operations Specialist (Airborne). He had several deployments while serving, many in peacetime and four in combat. In 2013, Gabe retired as a First Sergeant of 4th PSYOP Group (A).

Gabe was hired part-time in the jail, where he worked for a few months before being hired as a Patrol Deputy. After graduating from the Academy, Gabe was assigned to the Patrol Division of the Coos County Sheriff’s Office. He immediately stepped up to take on other tasks, such as re-writing policy for the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and attended training as a sniper and through the FBI’s Hostage Negotiations School.

In addition to his time on ERT, Gabe has taken on several other tasks and learned many skills through his various assignments, to include Marine Deputy, County Emergency Manager, Search and Rescue Manager, riot control, firearms instructor, Oregon State Sheriff’s Association Command College, Sheriff’s Institute, and many in-depth leadership courses.

Gabe has served as the Administrative Captain for the last three years. He is in charge of dispatch, fleet management, civil, records, concealed handgun licenses, and the Emergency Services Management office, which includes oversight and support of emergency volunteer capabilities; Community Emergency Response Team, Ares Emergency Radio Communications, and neighborhood watch.

His duties have included assisting with all budgeting facets of the office and handling of the administrative budget for the last four years.

Some of Gabe’s projects while in the Sheriff’s Office include dispatch earthquake retrofitting, Emergency communications upgrade for all of Coos County, implementing a body worn camera program for the Sheriff’s patrol Deputies, accreditation with the National Administration of State Boating Law Administrators, upgrading handheld and in-car radio equipment for the Sheriff’s office, and trying to create an interoperability and redundancy for dispatch with city agencies and the Coos Forest Protection Association.

Gabe is also a volunteer member of the Coquille Fire Department, where he is learning skills as a firefighter, and has recently passed practicals as a state EMT-B. He is a member of the VFW and of Mensa.

Gabe enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, kayaking, martial arts, and reading.

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