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Law Enforcement Sponsorship Membership

Anyone in the Law Enforcement field who wishes to support law enforcement across Oregon should join the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association. We provide support, training, and advocacy to sheriff’s offices throughout Oregon State. Your dues and contributions help support Oregon’s 36 elected sheriffs and their staff as they strive to improve citizen and community safety on a daily basis.

It is easy to join and all contributions are tax deductible. Oregon’s sheriffs rely on your support. Join today! Benefits include a membership card, decals, a magazine subscription, and chance to win a G43X handgun. See below for details.




Chance to win a firearm

Chance to win a firearm, valued at $500. Winner will be drawn at random. Applicants are limited to new members who join before midnight on December 31. Winner must be eligible to possess a firearm and pass a firearm background prior to transfer. Only new members who join this year are eligible. Odds of winning vary based on number of new members – your chances are much higher if you join today!

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Show your sponsored support of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association. Decal can be installed on beverage container, vehicle or home. It is waterproof and dishwasher safe.

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Official Sponsor Listing in Oregon Sheriff Magazine and an Annual Subscription

Our quarterly publication of Oregon Sheriff magazine will keep you up-to-date with sheriff's office around the state, as well as current public safety issues. Magazines are sent physically in the mail and also available to view as a PDF on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

As a sponsor, you can have your name listed in the Official Sponsors section of Oregon Sheriff.

Sheriff Magazine

Membership Card

Show off your sponsored support of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association.



Oregon's sheriffs are committed to the work of OSSA and strive to enhance criminal justice professionalism, improve law enforcement techniques and technology, and endeavor to collaboratively enhance community safety with their local, state, and federal law enforcement partners. The Oregon State Sheriffs' Association is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

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