Command College Equips Oregon Sheriffs with Executive Leadership Tools


Mid-September, the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association (OSSA) hosted the 19th session of Command College, providing an immersive training experience for executive leadership within each county sheriff’s office.

As servant leaders, collaboration and involvement within their communities allows your elected county sheriff to champion public safety efforts that are in line with your community’s unique needs. Therefore, OSSA operates the Command College under the following theme: “Relationships are primary, everything else is secondary.”

This year we had 43 students, comprising our largest class to date. While each individual takes something different from the course, we teach everything from public budgeting to the history of the Office of Sheriff to problem solving ethics within law enforcement, and Servant Leadership. After 52 hours of interactive course work, individuals are given the tools necessary to help their county sheriff’s office run more efficiently, so that they can continue to improve upon the work they are doing within your community.

Reactions from the course were overwhelmingly positive, and OSSA is proud to have received the highest rating from participants in our 19-year history.

“This training will see me well into the future. I am very impressed with the coordinators and instructors. The leadership aspect was awesome and the coordinators not only taught but you can tell they live it every day,” said a participant from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

“Best training I have ever been to,” expressed a participant from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.

“I will certainly be a better leader because of this week’s training,” said a participant from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

OSSA is proud to offer the Command College free of charge to all Oregon Sheriffs. We believe that this training is invaluable the tools learned are quickly put to use to ensure the issues you care about are being addressed within your community. Become a member and help OSSA train, educate and inspire sheriffs.


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