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Tillamook County Sheriff's Office
5995 Long Prairie Rd
Tillamook, OR 97141

tel: 503-815-3330
fax: 503-815-3399
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About Sheriff Long:

Sheriff Andy Long began his law enforcement career with the United States Coast Guard in 1981 with ten years of active duty. In 1991 when he was hired with the Tillamook County Sheriff's Office he transferred to active reservist status as a Coast Guard Special Agent with the C. G. Investigative Service until retirement in 2001.

Sheriff Andy Long served as a Corrections Deputy, Patrol Deputy, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Jail Commander, and a short time as Undersheriff before he was appointed Sheriff upon Sheriff Todd Anderson retirement by the Board of Commissioners on November 1st 2011.

Sheriff Andy Long currently or has served: Oregon State Sheriffs Jail Command Council as Vice President, and President; Chairman of the North Coast Narcotics Task Force; Community Corrections Commission; and Oregon Department of Public Safety and Standards and Training Instructor.

Sheriff Andy Long was sworn in by County Clerk Tassi O'Neil on November 1, 2011, 8am, Circuit Court Room 102.

From OREGON SHERIFF Magazine News

Tillamook County Sheriff's Office In Action


Spring, 2015 – With a mild winter and some abnormally warm weekends this winter, Tillamook County has had a lot of visitors. It seems that our tourism season started before spring break this year and has extended well into the winter. We have had mild weather on the coast for most of the winter and this adds up to a busy year answering calls, much like we have through the summer. Quite a comparison to previous winters when we were busy dealing with winter rains, flooding, road closures due to slides, and wind damage causing the activation of our emergency management team. I’m not complaining!

For several years now, Tillamook County has rented bed space to the Clatsop County Sheriff. The result of the latest busy trends equates to busy patrol deputies and a jail that stays at or near capacity. I decided to limit our bed rental space to ten beds, even though we are facing a tough budget year and lower revenues. It was still an easy decision knowing it’s never a good idea to add liability to the county and do inmate releases over revenue.

Mental health crisis has been a topic of concern for sheriffs and jails for some time. Nothing will change without effective services. This last winter the Sheriff’s Office, along with the Tillamook Family Counseling Center, began recruiting a mental health clinician to work full time in the jail providing mental health services. The clinician will work with jail medical staff, jail deputies, and the courts to hopefully divert these folks to services outside of the jail, and if there is a criminal conviction, to work with parole and probation deputies to continue services after inmates are released and supervised.

Parole and Probation Supervisor Lieutenant Holly Rico, along with deputies and staff, are thinking out of the box. They organized two fishing derbies for offenders who have stayed clean and sober with no violations. There were many participants and some nice fish were caught. Lt. Rico and her staff united with supervised offenders to complete a food drive for the local food bank with a goal to collect 500 pounds. They met that goal and reset the goal for 1,000 pounds. With their combined efforts, they raised 1,077 pounds of food for community support. Congratulations! I know there will be more team work programs for folks under supervision, giving them opportunity to give back to their communities. Thanks for the hard work.

Tillamook County also recognized the need to improve its aging radio communications structure and has applied for a grant through the State Homeland Security Grant Program. To begin the development process, a communications assessment document, detailing required features and capabilities of a newer regional interoperable communication system was initiated. If the grant is awarded, it would also provide information on the development of technology and functional design needs to achieve the goals developed. Future phases would include a detailed system design that would provide guidance and direction in the purchasing of a new system.