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Washington County

Sheriff Patrick Garrett

Washington County Sheriff's Office

215 SW Adams Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97123-3874

tel: 503-846-2700
fax: 503-846-2604

About Sheriff Garrett

Sheriff Pat Garrett became the 32nd Sheriff of Washington County on November 30, 2011. His career with Washington County began 24 years earlier when he was hired as a Patrol Recruit Deputy in 1988. He has promoted through every rank in the Patrol Division, served on the Tactical Negotiations Team (SWAT), and as interim Jail Commander. He most recently held the rank of Undersheriff, which is second in command of the office.

Sheriffs are elected officials who are accountable directly to the citizens. This means our citizens can count on Washington County’s culture of Conserving the Peace with integrity and professionalism. It also means we have a close partnership with the people and businesses we serve; this enables more effective solutions to community and legislative challenges involving public safety.

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Washington County citizens enjoy a low crime rate, efficient use of jail space, and good stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Sheriff Garrett will continue to hold the office directly accountable to citizens. To learn more about Sheriff Garrett’s priorities for the office, please visit

About the Washington County Sheriff's Office


Spring, 2017 – At the WCSO Jail … There’s an App for That!

 The Washington County Jail is a direct- supervision jail; however, as many reading realize, supervision works best when deputies are able to move freely throughout the inmate living area and are not confined to a workstation.

As technology has evolved, staff have transitioned from manual handwritten housing unit logs to computer logs. While the computer logs made it much easier to track entries and recall data, deputies were still required to be at their workstation to make entries.

Seeking an innovative new technology allowing additional mobility within the housing units, WCSO Jail staff teamed up with our law enforcement technology unit to develop and implement use of mobile technology. The result was an iPad mini and a newly created Washington County Jail application.

The new app, first deployed in the Jail Medical Observation Unit (MOU) in January of 2016, allows deputies the ability to log events in real-time, access inmate information and booking photos, and critical safety and security information from anywhere in the housing unit. Considered a significant success in the MOU, the app has provided documented rounds every 15 minutes for inmates requiring increased observation.

Deputies appreciate the ability to upload photos and record damages to the housing unit or cells directly from the iPad.

Two housing units are currently utilizing this technology and we anticipate this number to grow with the expansion of device options. Deputies will soon evaluate a smaller, more feasible option with the iPhone6 Plus. As technology evolves, our jail and law enforcement technology teams will continue exploring mobile technology to better help our deputies stay safe while disconnecting them from the tether of a stationary workstation.

2017 Oregon Sheriffs’ Annual Conference

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Message from the OSSA President

washington-pat-garrettAs the newly elected president, I am honored to represent all 36 Oregon sheriffs.

The sheriff has historically been the chief executive officer of the county, and this is still true under Oregon law. Elected by you and answering directly to the voters, your sheriff can be an effective voice of the people in the serious work of protecting the community. OSSA enables us to work together to serve you best.

By way of introduction, I am in my second term as the Washington County Sheriff, where deputies serve over a half million residents across 727 square miles of rural areas, urban communities, and cities. Our deputies also operate the only county jail. While Oregon counties are diverse in terms of climate, population, and economic drivers, your sheriffs work together to solve problems and challenges that we have in common.

The sheriffs of America have always played a significant role in the history of our nation; in fact, the office of Sheriff was the first county office established in the United States. Also, the first person to read the Declaration of Independence publicly was Philadelphia Sheriff John Nixon in Pennsylvania in 1776.

I look forward to working together to strengthen the office of Sheriff and the communities we proudly serve. Thank you for your continued support of the men and women on shift every day to keep our diverse and proud communities safe.


Pat Garrett
President and Washington County Sheriff.

Jail vs. Prison … What’s the Difference?

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