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About Sheriff Kaber


Sheriff Chris Kaber was sworn in as sheriff on January 3, 2017.

About the Klamath County Sheriff's Office


Winter, 2016 – Written by Retired Sheriff Frank Skrah

How fast did four years go? When I ran for the office of Sheriff in 2012, I decided I would only run for one term. It has been an enjoyable four years, and I am truly apprecia­tive of the residents of Klamath County for the opportunity to serve. I have been in law enforcement 39 years (LAPD 25 years, as a California Superior Court Investigator for ten years, four years with the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office) and those years have given me an appreciation for what public service truly is. Anyway, at age 74, it’s now time to retire.

Upon taking office, our pledge to the com­munity was that we would try and operate the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office on the existing budget. We did that, thanks to the diligence of our staff and deputies. To show the residents of Klamath County the frugality of this office, we not only managed the office on the same budget as my predecessor but over the ensuing four years we have not asked for, nor received any budget increase from 2012 thru 2016. Also, each of the four years we have returned significant funds to the general fund of Klamath County.

During that time, we have replaced the fleet (old and very high-mileage two-wheel-drive Ford Crown Victoria) with new and safer four-wheel drive Dodge Ram Trucks and upgraded the “creature comforts” necessary to ensure our deputies have the reasonable amenities and necessities to do their jobs. After all, that patrol vehicle is their office.

Also, we re-opened “C – Pod” of our jail and the jail is now (since 2013) operating at full capacity. We also double bunked “C – Pod” to ensure adequate lodging for inmates. The jail is no longer a revolving door. As I stated when I ran for office, “Do the crime, and you WILL do the time.”

We removed the “World War Two” lockers in both the male and female deputy’s locker room and replaced them with newer lockers. We utilized inmate labor and painted both locker rooms, the “briefing room” and other offices within the building. We also utilize inmate labor to maintain the grounds of the Sheriff’s Office and at our search and rescue compound.

Another major project is the security in our Klamath County Courthouse. With the funds saved over the past four years, we are upgrading the security barrier in our court­house. That is a major undertaking which received final approval from the Commission­ers on November 2, 2016. That project is now out to bid. Hopefully, it will be completed by spring of 2017, thus ensuring greater safety to all who enter our courthouse.

We have utilized contacts within the law enforcement community and sent many of our staff to training, management symposiums, detective training, homicide seminars, field training officer classes, deputy medical exam­iner schools and the list goes on and on. A total of 64 deputies have attended educational classes over the past four years, and several others are scheduled in calendar year 2017.

Finally, and most important, with the afore­mentioned changes and upgrades, we have also managed to reduce crime in Klamath County. If you attend any of the community meetings around the county held each month, you have been able to view the crime statistics. I am very appreciative of our patrol and correctional deputies, detective and administrative staff for their diligent efforts on behalf of the residents of Klamath County.

A new sheriff will be coming into office in January 2017. I know you will assist him in his new endeavor. Success in this office is very dependent upon community support. Please join with all of us at the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office in extending a warm welcome to your new sheriff!

As the holiday season approaches, I want to express from all of us to you, the residents of Klamath County: we hope you have a success­ful and prosperous New Year.

Message from the OSSA President

washington-pat-garrettAs the newly elected president, I am honored to represent all 36 Oregon sheriffs.

The sheriff has historically been the chief executive officer of the county, and this is still true under Oregon law. Elected by you and answering directly to the voters, your sheriff can be an effective voice of the people in the serious work of protecting the community. OSSA enables us to work together to serve you best.

By way of introduction, I am in my second term as the Washington County Sheriff, where deputies serve over a half million residents across 727 square miles of rural areas, urban communities, and cities. Our deputies also operate the only county jail. While Oregon counties are diverse in terms of climate, population, and economic drivers, your sheriffs work together to solve problems and challenges that we have in common.

The sheriffs of America have always played a significant role in the history of our nation; in fact, the office of Sheriff was the first county office established in the United States. Also, the first person to read the Declaration of Independence publicly was Philadelphia Sheriff John Nixon in Pennsylvania in 1776.

I look forward to working together to strengthen the office of Sheriff and the communities we proudly serve. Thank you for your continued support of the men and women on shift every day to keep our diverse and proud communities safe.


Pat Garrett
President and Washington County Sheriff.

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