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Any attorney seeking to expand his or her knowledge working on matters involving civil process will benefit from this informative seventeen chapter civil process manual.

The Oregon State Sheriffs’ 2016 Civil Process Manual features topics of interest, including service and enforcement of various types of process, whether it be notice or enforcement process, effective service of orders, enforcement of pre-judgment and post-judgment remedies.

  • Execution: The manual discusses the most current methods of executing on personal and real property based on a monetary judgment or a judgment of foreclosure.
  • Garnishment: Garnishment of financial institutions, individual companies, multiple debtors, and other issues
  • Process: Issuance of process, including writs of execution and writs of garnishment in justice courts or municipal courts – Registering judgments entered in lower courts
  • County Clerk Lien Record: The role of the Clerk County Lien Record on the enforcement of judgments and support orders
  • Writs/Orders of Assistance: Enforcement of writs of assistance and orders of assistance for the recovery of children
  • Enforcement of abuse restraining orders and stalking orders
  • Landlord/Tenant Actions
  • Concealed Handgun License chapter

Content Highlights

Chapter 3, Notice Process; Chapter 4, Provisional Process; Chapter 5, Execution; Chapter 6, Execution-Personal Property; Chapter 7, Execution-Real Property; Chapter 8, Redemption Rights and Procedures; Chapter 9, Concealed Handgun Licenses; Chapter 10, Garnishment; Chapter 11, Forcible Entry and Wrongful Detainer (F.E.D.); Chapter 12, Abandoned Vehicles; Chapter 13, Abuse Prevention Restraining Orders; Chapter 14, Stalking, Citations and Protective Orders; Chapter 15, Writs and Orders of Assistance; Chapter 16, Justice Courts and Municipal Courts and Chapter 17, Terms and Phrases.

Statutory References and Case Law

Selected statutes and case law involving the service and enforcement of process are referenced in the 2016 0SSA Civil Process Manual.

If you like the convenience and efficiency of computerized legal research, you will find the OSSA 2016 Civil Process Manual a benefit to you. The Manual is in PDF format.

  • Print the entire manual, sections of the manual or entire forms at your convenience.
  • Navigate from the table of contents or the table of forms to the relevant text or a specific form with a simple mouse click.
  • Increase your efficiency, because the forms are accessible for immediate use.
  • The USB Drive allows you to make the 2016 Civil Process Manual portable. It can be used at your home, your office, or in court.

Network Installations

You may install the file on a network or on as many computers as you choose as long as the number of people using the 2016 Civil Process Manual at one time does not exceed the number of licenses that you have purchased for the manual.

One purchase of the 2016 Civil Process Manual USB Drive equals one user license. 


The cost of the 2016 OSSA Civil Process Manual USB Drive is $350.00 including the shipping and handling.

How to Order

There are three easy ways to order:

  1. Mail your order form, along with your payment or VISA/Mastercard credit card information, to the Attention: 2016 OSSA Civil Process Manual, Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association: PO Box 7468, Salem, OR, 97303.
  2. Fax your order form including your credit card information to OSSA at: 503-364-2059
  3. Phone in your order with a credit card by calling the OSSA’s Office at: 503-364-4204.

2016 Civil Manual Order Form

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By way of introduction, I am in my second term as the Washington County Sheriff, where deputies serve over a half million residents across 727 square miles of rural areas, urban communities, and cities. Our deputies also operate the only county jail. While Oregon counties are diverse in terms of climate, population, and economic drivers, your sheriffs work together to solve problems and challenges that we have in common.

The sheriffs of America have always played a significant role in the history of our nation; in fact, the office of Sheriff was the first county office established in the United States. Also, the first person to read the Declaration of Independence publicly was Philadelphia Sheriff John Nixon in Pennsylvania in 1776.

I look forward to working together to strengthen the office of Sheriff and the communities we proudly serve. Thank you for your continued support of the men and women on shift every day to keep our diverse and proud communities safe.


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